Words By Heart

Have Courage & Be Kind, XL Thin Horizontal Bar


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The Finer Details  

  • Bar size: XL Large THIN
  • Measures: 1.75" (45mm) wide x 0.15" (4mm) tall
  • Material Shown: Rose Gold-Filled*
    • also available in 14kt Gold-Filled* & .925 Sterling Silver 


100% hand made.

This necklace has been carefully hand stamped, letter-by-letter.  You can expect your piece to be beautifully unique in its own special way.  

*Gold-Filled is real 14kt Gold that has been thickly bonded to a brass core.  Gold-Fill consists of 10-100x more gold than plated metals and will not flake, tarnish, or turn your skin green.

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Most of our necklaces are shown with black ink-filled text, however, no ink is also a beautiful option.