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2020 - wow! Hard to believe that January is upon us and we are entering into a new year.2019 was such a great year for us. Below are some business and personal accomplishments from 2019!


  • Danielle joined our team as Social Media Manager and then full time as Sales & Marketing. We also got to meet for the first time since she lives in Wisconsin!

  • We designed (with help!) and launched our very own in addition to running our Etsy

  • We hit 20k Sales on Etsy, and are now closer to 30k (wow!)

  • My Mom, Lisa, joined our team and helped us with messages during the Christmas rush so that I could focus on stamping.

  • We expanded our brand ambassador program to include 6 fabulous ladies!


  • Seth and I got comfortable in our new home in North Carolina. 10+ acres of mountain trails and a perfect little fixer upper!
  • We raised TWO puppies, Brinkley & Ellie Mae. (And we totally rescued, nursed, and freed a baby squirrel named Petunia.)
  • Seth and I built our very own greenhouse from scratch and planted a 1/4 acre vegetable garden.

Coming in 2020

In years past I have felt like I was so ready to move on to the next, but 2019 was a good one and I’m not quite sure I’m ready to let go just yet! But, as with every new chapter there is always so much to look forward to.


  • We are finally launching our Amazon shop, complete with Prime Shipping! Date to come.
  • I mentioned fixer-upper earlier, and the first project for 2020 is kicking off this week with my office getting gutted and remodeled (YAY!). This means lots of behind the scenes, and Seth has promised me that he will go live on IG stories and give a tour of the new space! This may be the highlight of my whole year.
  • We are adding Sezzle to our website, which allows for lots of different payment plans and options
  • Adding 100s of new fast-ship items to all of our outlets
  • A new luxury line, including solid 14k Gold.
  • Monthly flash sales, and the continuation of our weekly giveaways.

I’m sure many, many more exciting things are to come and I thank you so much for being along with us on this incredible ride! We are so grateful for every one of our customers/friends who have and continue to support this dream.

Happy New Year!

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Angela Younts
Angela Younts

November 09, 2023

i have been to 2 Vintage Markets and go to meet you both. i love my bracelets i got for me and my daughter

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